Making Space Travel as Easy as Catching a Bus

I am an advocate of space exploration and utilization. I am dedicated to the development of partnerships and alliances that accelerate the development of the space frontier. I will create or support any project that facilitates this process. My goal is the make space travel as easy as catching a bus.

I am honoured to be actively engaged in the pursuit of this goal at DCVC (Data Collective) where I work as an Operating Partner.

Just as crazy about music

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I have been writing music for over 15 years and have recently decided to release some of it under the moniker "Dr Chrispy". Visit DrChrispy.com for more of my music.


Previous positions

Co-founder and CTO of Planet Labs/Planet

Planet is a pioneering Earth Observation company, using a fleet of low-cost imaging spacecraft to image the whole world every day.

Space Mission Architect, NASA Ames Research Center (2008-2012)

I was most recently a Space Mission Architect at NASA Ames Research Center. I co-created the PhoneSat Project. In this role I also interfaced with other NASA centers and outside commercial partners on the use of the Ames-developed Common Spacecraft Bus (CSB), Hover Test Vehicle (HTV) and lunar lander and orbiter configurations. I also worked on the development of alternative approaches to space exploration and helped facilitate Google Lunar X-Prize activities.

Executive Director, Singularity University (2007-2008)

I was the first employee of Singularity University, and in the capacity of Interim Director coordinated the initial founding meeting, successfully raising the money needed to establish the University. I also served for 2 years on the faculty as co-chair of the Space and Physical Sciences track.

Executive Director, Space Generation Advisory Council (2006-2007)

I was previously the Executive Director of the Space Generation Advisory Council. My work was to devise the 2007-2008 strategy for the organisation, so that it can become more active worldwide.

Post Graduate Research (2000-2005)

I completed my PhD in Physics at the University of Sydney. My research was on the Straylight design of the MONS space telescope. MONS is the primary payload of the proposed Danish satellite mission, Roemer. Being involved in a satellite mission from its beginning to end was a valuable experience.

Undergraduate Research

I completed an honours degree in Physics studying the Electric field distributions in planetary foreshocks.

Publications List

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Film and TV appearances

I have appeared on the Australian television programs The Big Arvo and the ABC's Young Scientists special.

I recently appeared in Dr Maryanne Galvin's awarding winning space documentary, What's Going On Up There?